Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Festival 2016: A Film

Chun Jie.


Spring Festival.

Lunar New Year.

Chinese New Year.

Yes. It is the most large-scale festival in the world, celebrated by upwards of forty-two trillion people. Dumplings are made, fireworks are shot, red envelopes full of money are given, or sent on Wechat. For the first time in many years, I found myself in a position to appropriately celebrate this unignorable holiday in the promised land itself, China. And not just anywhere in China: in Xinjiang, where snow and lambs run wild.

Below is a video that encapsulates the 2016 Spring Festival experience of myself and my beloved, Ellen. And her cousin-sister, Shan Shan. And her mom. And her grandpa. And many other awesome family members. A tip of the cap to all of them for making me feel super welcome at all times, and for being featured in this short circus of cinema.

Happy Year of the Monkey!