Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas In Seoul

In the midst of the chaos that was the three weeks between Thanksgiving, Mr. Jordan Williams and I decided to go on a Christmas photo shoot, a photo shoot in which we'd just take pictures of holiday decorations in the fine city that we reside within. Since Christmas is dang near upon us all, and half of our entourage is leaving the country before the holiday actually strikes, we conducted our hunt and, now, I am posting the results.

The plaza by King Sejong.

Skaters at Gwanghwamun Plaza. As you'd expect, there were some girls with super short skirts skating. Crazy.

Another tree. They won't stop.

The descent away from the G-Plaza and into the bowels of the earth.

An enormous ornament on an enormous Christmas tree, this particular one being at the head of Cheonggyecheon, a three-syllable word with fourteen freaking letters.

Ladies, he is available. Let's talk.

Music. Umbrellas. Boxes.

Of all the photos I took, this is my favorite. Sorry about my shoes being in it.

The stream. At Christmas.

E-Mart in Gangbyeon. This building is mongo, but the thing's size isn't truly revealed until the third photo. This is the building from which I bought the very laptop on which I type, a laptop which I have a lot of things to say about but, since I know some of you are under eighteen, I will refrain from saying them.


Close up.

Some bookstore. As English teachers, Jordan and I were pleased.

Santa. This one had dance moves that would make M.J. roll o'er in his grave.

Snow White.

Christmas dog petting in some trendy department store from hell.

Some large snowflake bucket "whoosie-whats-its" that actually weren't that cool.

A gaudy set of Christmas arches in Dongdaemun.

A gaudy Christmas tree near the Seoul Plaza.

A gaudy Christmas hotel on the Seoul Plaza. It is possibly called Seoul Plaza Hotel. Not sure. Not concerned.

Here we have a fourth-floor view of the Seoul Plaza. On this particular winter night, there was an exhibition about the South Korean outpost in Antarctica. Needless to say, we investigated. It doesn't really have much to do with Christmas, but.

A South Korean winter explorer.

An Antarctic wind tunnel. Brr.

An art piece celebrating Seoul's nomination as the design capital of the world. I was sort of expecting Sioux Falls to win.

A wall made of discs that swirled and moved in the wind. Holla.

Haechi. Obviously this needs no explanation, so I shall not present one.

One of the hundreds of decorated trees along the streets in Gwanghwamun. I liked the colors. Jordan did not.

More of them.

Christmas lights that required sunglasses to be viewed up close.

Evil corporate Christmas lights.

The sunlit front of the I'Park complex in Yongsan.

The glorious sidewalk in front of Yongsan Station.

The alien spacecraft from "Independence Day" descends on the I'Park complex.

Somewhere around the plaza within the I'Park Mall. We debated whether it would be wise to giddy up and go with this sleigh.

Cheesy decorations in Yongsan.

Angels in the I'Park plaza.

A church across from where I live. Way to represent.

Santa, near our homes. Boo-yah.

This tree is in front of the GS25 I stop at every morning and pass by every night. True holiday spirit is on display here.

A tree at Luke and J.J.'s.

Some stuff outside of Ms. Bigney's apartment.

My house.

Room 607, Centennial Christian School.

The last six pictures are stolen from a student who shall remain nameless. You know who you are. Thanks, dude.